She misses a breath. Crawford looks up from his book, over his halfglasses. He puts the book down. Bella breathes again, a flutter and then a full breath. He rises to put his hand on her, to take her blood pressure and her pulse. Over the months he has become expert with the blood pressure cuff. 

Because he will not leave her at night, he has installed a bed for himself beside her. Because he reaches out to her in the dark, his bed is high, like hers.



 ✧ The Galaxy’s Mightiest Heroes


best mass effect post

ericnorseman lady-wilwarin Thanks a lot :’D (believe me they’re far from perfect but I try hehe)

(I’m no expert but if you ever have questions about how I gif always feel free to ask!)

I want to say it hurt so good but it just hurt all around, I had to keep taking breaks when I was watching it jfc

tbh I think it transcended ‘hurt so good’, more like ‘will scar you for a good while and not allow to be able to look at Lucas’ face without feeling pain but you can’t look away because Lucas is so pretty’


I had to open up Jagten again for gifmaking and once again confirmed that the movie is the absolute worst

I saw it a year ago and the hurt still hasn’t gone away wtf